Tips for Airbnb Hosts

Airbnb is a popular website that lets people rent out their properties that they have located all over the world for long and short terms for a holiday or a longer period. How does this system work?

In this article we will give you some basic guidance of what Airbnb is and give you some of the Latest Airbnb Host techniques and how to use it best.

Airbnb was created in 2009 and since become one of the biggest holiday websites. It has grown to helping over twenty thousand guests find somewhere to stay.

The site currently has just under one million properties for you to choose from and have helped twenty on thousand clients every year to help them have a great break. There is a number of different types of properties available and prices ange from very cheap to very expensive.

You will find rental properties in cities in the UK as well as, Paris, Rome and Madrid

People also use Airbnb to rent out spare rooms in their home and welcome their guests for a short stay. This is a great way of earning an extra income by utilising the space that you are not currently using.

The way that the company works is that they take a percentage from the rental price and their cut is 3% of this. They also take a percentage from the paying guests also.

When you search the website you can click around to see what is available to rent and a bit like a holiday broachers, you will be able to view all the details that property has and view lots of photos of the home also. Booking is made easy and secure online so you  can have peace of mind that your transaction ill be safe.

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Why should buy a Bamboo Pillow?

The Bamboo plant is used in many industries such as paper and timber but did you know that a bamboo pillow is one of the most comfortable things to sleep on and are very popular at this current time. Bamboo is actually a member of the grass family.

If you think of bamboo you would normally think of long green plant type of material and it would not be the ideal thing to sleep on, but that is not the case at all.

It is vital to get a good night sleep so you feel at your best for the next day so you have the energy to perform at your peak.

As it is a natural material it is very soft to touch and environmentally friendly which is also a benefit. No chemicals are involved and it also leaves no ecological footprints. This plant grows very quickly and is replaced in no time as it grows at a rapid pace of one millimeter every ninety seconds.

The way that these pillows are made are that the fibers are spun one they are broken up and separated.

Bamboo has many uses but did you know that a Bamboo pillow is one of the most comfortable pillows on the market and will ensure that you have a comfortable sleep. Also the material is breathable so it is cool and comfortable.

Another benefit of this type of pillow is that it gets rid of dust mites and other nasty things that may cause allergies to some people.

When you buy a bamboo pillow it will likely to be vacume packed and you may notice a slight smell when opened. This will fae as it is exposed to air.

bamboo pillows are slightly similar to and are as comfortable as memory foam pillows but a memory foam pillow holds on to the heat and many people can find this a little uncomfortable.

If you thinking of replacing your pillows, you may want to try a different alternative to what you are used to buying so ts worth testing one out for yourself.


How to Choose the Right Electrician

If you have an electrical problem, it is advised not to try to deal with this yourself as it is dangerous and could lead you harming yourself or others around you. Making just a small mistake can lead to serious problems so it is wise to hire a fully qualified Electrician to do the job in a safe manor.

Most people will search online for an Electrician or will be recommended a person by a friend or collage that has had work completed in the past and was happy with the service that they received.

There are a number of qualified electrical contractors in London to choose from but how do you go about finding the right person or company to to do a competent job on your home or business premises?

One of the most important things is to check that they have the right certification and insurance. You should request to see proof of this and a decent Electrician would not mind showing you the required documents.

Most companies or tradespeople have a website in this day and age so it will be time well spent having a look at the reviews and feedback from past clients. It is important that the person is punctual so you will be able to organise an accurate time that suits both parties so work can start.

It is advisable to get a written quote for the job beforehand so that there are no nasty surprises I the future. This way everyone knows where they stand.


Although the cost of the work is important, it is not always advisable to go with the cheapest option. You do not want a person that cuts corners as this may lead to more work in the future.

After the job is complete you will need certification of what has been done. Check you will get this before hiring someone. If the person will not agree to this then it would be better to go elsewhere.

To get some more information you can visit this Facebook page for hints and tips.

You can watch the short video below to see how he best way to choose an competent company.


How to Choose Tiles for Your Home

Are you considering redecorating your kitchen, toilet or bathroom and adding a stylish new look to your home?

Having tiles put on your floor or kitchen walls can really make a difference and freshen up your home. They can be cleaner that a carpet because if something is spilled it will not stain. Any accidental spills can be mopped up and cleaned right away where you would have a lot harder job getting a stain out of a carpet.

There are many different styles of tile made with various made with various materials.


There are two types of tile for you home and they are wall tiles and floor tiles.

Both types actually look the same but there is a difference in them. The difference is the strength of the tile because floor tiles will have weight put on them on a constant basis and will need to be sturdy enough to take it without cracking.

Once you have decided on and purchased the type of tile that suits your decoration project, then you should ask about how to best maintain them so they will look great and last for many years to come. It is also a good tip to by more tiles than you need to lay. By doing this you can rest assured that if one breaks during installation you will have spare tiles to replace it. This will help in the years to come in case there is some accidental damage to parts of your floor or wall and the company that you bought them from have discontinued the items. 599339457_612659ece5_z

There are many marble tile shops in london to choose from. For more information on tiles and help please visit the following Facebook page.

If you want to learn how to tile a wall yourself then watch the YouTube video below.



Business Website Ideas

Most businesses today have a website version of their offline shop or promote their services through even the most basic web page.

If you do not have a site then it is worthwhile considering having one made because you can virtually guarantee that your main competition has one and you will be left behind. This could lose you customers as you will not be found on-line.

Some people use free platforms like WordPress or Wix to build a free site which is fine if you on a budget. But for best results it is better to buy a branded domain name and host it yourself. I will go through this in further blog posts in more detail.

If you are having a professional built a site for you, then you should make it clear to them that you want it SEO ready. For this to happen you will need to know you target keywords and optimise your pages for these terms. A good SEO professional will be able to do this for you no problem.

You can learn this stuff yourself but it can be time consuming so if you are in a hurry it would be better to hire a reputable SEO consultant to do this for you. button-892164_960_720

There are many things that are involved from on-page SEO which covers your content and attracting other websites to link to you by providing useful engaging articles.

If you are interested in learning this subject, the video below is quite detailed and lasts one hour long but it will be worth the time viewing it.

Are You Visiting Lewisham?

If it is a nice sunny day, then you could visit what is considered by many the best park in the borough. Mountsfield Park in Catford is very family friendly and has some great views across London. You can visit the small café there which you can grab something to eat or an ice cream.

If you would rather be inside and fancy a bit of history, you could visit the Hornimans Museum. It is slightly different to other museums. There are musical instruments, a garden and an aquarium.

There and many places to eat and drink in the area as well with many coffee shops restaurants and bars. If you would like to try a British pub, then you could try the Dacre Arms in Lee Green. They have a nice pub garden and guest ales. It could be the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

If you feel a bit sporty, you can try the mini Golf course in Hither Green. This is a very popular course and it also holds many tournaments for min gold enthusiasts. You do not have to be an expert to play and can get a round of the course for roughly £5 or £3 for juniors.

The Lewisham Islamic centre is based in the borough and runs many activities throughout the week for all ages and religious backgrounds. You can visit there official website or the

Lewisham Islamic centre Charity Page or even watch the video below!

Top 5 Advantages Of Choosing Contemporary Furniture For Your Home And Office


First impressions are said to last and send out strong messages about an individual. This applies to offices and homes as well since contemporary furniture turns a seemingly dull and uninviting room into one that is full of life. The sleek nature of contemporary furniture allows homes and offices to assume a fresh new look.


When one is not working long hours in the office they are spending time at home relaxing and regaining lost energy. Contemporary designer sofas furniture is known to provide the much needed comfort both at home and the workplace with a view to maximize deliveries on both environments.


Contemporary furniture is known to be pocket-friendly especially when tough times come calling. In this era of making quiet but bold statements home and office owners are increasingly shifting their focus to contemporary furniture with a view to maximize on their friendly prices while still maintaining that trendy and fashionable look both at home and in the offices.


Contemporary furniture has lately become frenzy for people out to exude style, taste and elegance in their home and work places. In the process most stores are now stocking up various pieces of contemporary furniture and as the demand goes up most of the proprietors are outsmarting themselves in a bid to cash in on the growing demand. As a result the furniture has become readily available both online and in furniture stores across the globe.


Contemporary furniture has provided both home and office owners with a wide range of flexible options with which to accentuate their spaces. The furniture comes in various shapes and sizes and this allows users and buyers to choose that which is best for their space, design and shape.

See contemporary designer radiators

House Clearance Services in London

House clearance agency in London is one of the oldest, most experienced, and your most trusted clearing and cleaning services company based in London. House clearance agency play a very important part in getting rid of all the unwanted items lying at your home or in your garden or in garage. House clearance can not only provide and make available to you the will you be space occupied by the junk all the unwonted furniture items or old boat or other Garden rubbish in the garden by hiring top rubbish clearance london.

Reasons for using House Clearance services in London

There are numerous reasons for using Houston residency as your service provider for having your house cleared our garden cleaned or garage cleaned first of all we are the most experienced player in the industry with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Our staff is trained and the most experienced one in London. Secondly we are licensed by the government of by the government in London to carry on our services and provide best services to our customers. Thirdly we have a team of very experienced and trained and qualified workers and workforce who provide the best services in the house clearance industry. Last but not the least the charges that we charge are most competitive in the industry. This is how we are able to provide affordable services to our customers. Stay in touch with house clearance london on google plus and rubbish removal on fb.

How the Internet Has Disrupted Offline Business

Any business that has not embraced the internet, and all the technology that comes with being connected, is in for difficult moments. Today, all the top businesses have a solid and robust online presence. In other worlds, being online is the best hunting grounds for new customers and clients nowadays. Ever since the advent of the internet, the dynamics of doing businesses have changed greatly. From online marketing and advertising, to online buying and purchasing of goods, everything is being done online.

  • Today, a business must have a website where potential clients and customers can learn more about your goods or services. Such a website should have the services or goods on offer, cost, your contacts, FAQ, better known as frequently asked questions, and so on so forth.
  • Having a website is just the first step; you’ll also need to embrace social media. This can include having a business page on Facebook, Twitter, etc. The way you brand yourself will likely attract new customers, or drive them away.
  • Today, more and more people are turning to the internet to learn of the best or latest places to shop, visit, eat, hang out with friends; the internet has made the world a global village. People are ordering for goods online, paying for them online, and having them delivered right at their doorsteps.
  • That aside, over 70 % of the global population rely on mobile phones, and other hand held devices to access the internet; therefore, when designing your site, ensure that it is mobile friendly.
  • The internet has also disrupted the traditional advertising that relied on newspaper ads, radio and TV ads; digital marketing is way much cheaper, and 10 times more effective than the traditional advertising.
    • Conclusion;
    • Offline businesses have been tremendously disrupted by the internet, and any business that doest embrace technological advancements does so at its own peril.

Top 5 Places To Do Business

The reason behind starting a business is always because one wants to make profits. A business that is not making profits is clearly living on borrowed time; you risk making enormous losses, or even closing down the businesses once and for all. The location you select for starting up a business matters a lot; you should always conduct thorough market research to identify places where you’re likely to thrive well. Surprisingly, the top places to do places today are in third world countries; companies like Apples, General Motors, Samsung, etc, all have shifted their attention to places like China, India, that have big emerging economies.

China Business
Below are some of the top 5 places to do business;

1. China; China has a population of over 1.3 billion people, and this represents a huge market for any goods or services. The cost of labor and doing business in China is 10 times cheaper, compared to places like places like US or UK. Almost all of the biggest companies in the world like Smartphone manufacturer Apple, Toyota, General motors, etc, have set tent in China.
2. India; India is another lucrative market that every investor should consider setting tent in. With over 1.2 Billion people, India provides a particularly good market for mobile phones and other gadgets, Apps and Software, etc. The IT sector in India is excellent even by global standards.
3. Singapore; Singapore offers a skilled workforce, zero tolerance to corruption, and general stability.
4. Africa; the African continent is also home to some emerging economies, with a huge market segment that remains untapped. Countries like South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria have an ever increasing middle class with the purchasing power needed to keep any business thriving.
5. Cologne; Cologne is also a great place to set up your business. The process of registering your business is easy and fast, and the government offers tax exemptions to companies that employ locals.
Much as these are some of the top places to set up a business, at the end of the day, what determines your location is the kind of business you want to set up, and the budget you have.


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